We love our clients ...

I have known Bobby (for over 7 years) and it has been fantastic to watch him go on his journey to setting up his own business which enables him to deliver the product and service he wants to his clients. I have had a number of tailors and Bobby is by far the best: he is personable, creative, responsive and always a pleasure to do business with.
James Snape, Partner
Nabarro LLP
...Bobby...has provided me with many suits, a dinner jacket, overcoats, blazers, shirts & ties. In my line of work, it is essential to look smart and the quality of the suits I wear is a major selling point. If I look smart, then I probably will provide good quality work. First impressions and market reputation are so important. Bobby provides a great personal service and bespoke clothing in a timely and professional manner. I have no hesitation in recommending him to friends & colleagues.
Andy Miles, Partner
Cushman & Wakefield LLP
I used Bobby for my wedding outfit. His focus on the finer details certainly serperates him from others. He takes time to understand the requiremtents and will provide great ideas that you will not think of. His finished results are outstanding. I cannot recommend the services they provide highly enough.
Steve Yates, Partner Manager
Channel Telecom
Bobby is an excellent tailor who has made several suits for me now. He provides a superb bespoke and individual service and delivers both in terms of quality and service. I shall definitely work with him again.
Gary Boreham
Aareal Bank
Roberto helps me define my personality and demonstrate my values through what I wear. Each time I put on one of my suits or shirts, it’s like wearing the world’s smartest pyjamas – comfortable on the inside and sharp on the outside. In that regard I guess it’s like owning a Aston Martin; I say ‘guess’ because I’d rather spend the money on Roberto’s tailoring services.
Peter Cooper
Vanix LLP
(My wife) says to say to you "great job" - fits well and she loves the detailing, the button holes and the way that the lining is shaped around the pockets etc. Also feels very good to wear. Mission accomplished!!
Richard Hall, Senior Partner
Ernst & Young